Diode Rectifier Controller with Saturated Reactor

Diode Rectifier Controller with Saturated Reactor

Product model:NP-KZZP-__-1.0
Product type: Rectifier controller


Diode Rectifier Controller with Saturated Reactor

Product model: NP-KZZP-__-1.0

Product type: Rectifier controller



Brief introduction: In order to improve the control accuracy of the diode rectifier control system, the saturated reactor is usually added to the secondary side of the rectifier transformer. By adjusting the saturation of the reactor, the output voltage of the secondary side is adjusted to achieve the purpose of controlling the output DC voltage or current. This controller is a new generation of digital saturated reactor controller developed by our company.


(1)The multi-CPU structure of DSP+CPLD is adopted, which has characteristics of full digital control, excellent reliability and stability, and high control precision.

(2)Adopt PWM control mode, and with the fast speed of adjustment and    good performance real-time.

(3)Support CAN, MODBUS, MPI, state network and other communication modes, and the communication rate is high, which can fully meet the requirements of the total control of the high-power rectifier multi-unit parallel system for the communication rate.

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