Special power supply

Special power supply

Product Model: NP-JH-__A/__V;NP-TG-__A/__V;NP-TZ-__A/__V
Product Type: Special power supply


Special power supply


This product includes polarization power supply applied in chemical industry, heating power supply applied in photovoltaic industry, power regulation power supply applied in smelting industry, and experimental power supply applied in military research institutes and universities.

Product characteristics:

1. Modular design of thyristor or diode in power circuit.

2. Full digital adjustment, fast response, can reach the rated value in 500ms, overshoot not more than 5%.

3. Strong load capacity, up to 200% of rated function.

4. It has the functions of current stabilization, voltage stabilization and current limiting, and can be controlled remotely/locally.

5. Supporting MODBUS, industrial state network, DP and other communication protocols.

6.Support air-cooled or water-cooled heat dissipation.

Product parameters

Maximum output DC voltage1kV
Maximum Output DC Current500A
Installation modeIndoor
Primary circuit 

Three-phase Bridge Double Anti-Star

Rectifier elementThyristor, Thyristor module
Adjustment modeConstant-current voltage limiting
Operational mode Remote/local
IP Grade IP42 / IP55
Current Stabilization/Voltage Stabilization Accuracy+0.2%”

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