High power and high frequency switching power supply

High power and high frequency switching power supply

Product Model: NP-HFDC-__A/__V-V__.__
Product Type: Switching Device High Power Converter


High power and high frequency switching power supply


This product is mainly used in high-power power supply, electrolytic plating, heating, charging and other DC power supply for chemical industry, transportation, scientific research, metallurgy and other industries. It is the precise power supply needed by scientific research institutes and universities.

Product characteristics:

1. Adopt IGBT or MOSFET as power electronic converter power devices. Compared with traditional thyristors and other high-power converters, they have the advantages of high conversion efficiency, obvious energy-saving effect and compact size.

2. Adopting centralized or modular structure, centralized current density is high, modular operation, installation, switching is convenient, and with high redundancy. Support air-cooled or water-cooled heat dissipation.

3. Full digital control, high accuracy of current stabilization, fast response, current stabilization, voltage stabilization and current limiting functions, and multiple protection of over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature.

4. Supporting series-parallel connection of modules, the power of single module can reach 30KW, and the power of single machine can reach 1000KW.

5. Supporting remote operation, and supporting field bus communication protocols such as MODBUS, PROFIBUS, state network, CAN, etc.

Product parameters: 


Input voltage

AC380-AC600V Three-phase AC380-AC600V 

Maximum output DC voltage


Maximum Output DC Current


Maximum power per module


Main circuit topology


Power Electronics Devices


Accuracy of Current constant and Voltage constant


Power factor

Better than93% (rated)

Converter efficiency

Better than93% (rated)

Adjustment mode


Operational mode


IP Grade


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