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Hunan New power Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing customers with customized solutions quickly. Our company provides large capacity, high performance and high reliability products, services and solutions for end users, and provides more intelligent, more precise, more leading edge integrated products, systems integration and solutions for large equipment manufacturers and users of engineering contractors.

 Power electronic converter industry solution

Automation industry solution


The application case

<h6>BAS System of Changsha Metro L</h6><p>项目名称:长沙地铁三号线BAS系统</p>BAS System of Changsha Metro L
<h6>Tianyuan Manganese Industry</h6><p>项目名称:大功率整流控制系统</p>Tianyuan Manganese Industry
<h6>CIE Jinding Flue Gas Purificat</h6><p>项目名称:湖南中冶长天金鼎重工烧结机烟气超低排放项目</p>CIE Jinding Flue Gas Purificat
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